We Are Growth Ninja Group

Not A Marketing Firm

Each member of our team embodies the spirit and skills of legendary ninjas, bringing unique strengths and precision to our collective mission

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Why are we a Growth Agency?

Our Journey to Growth

At Growth Ninja Group, we do things differently. Since 2015, we've been all about helping businesses grow by focusing on what works with a new angle and perspective. We don't just look at getting more vanity metrics like clicks or views. Instead, we dive deep into understanding your business goals and what matters to you most, whether it's getting more revenue, and more customers or opening new sales with unique account-based marketing, making your website/app look awesome, or building cool development projects that work well and customers are happy to use. We figure out what you need first and tailor the approach to meet your needs. Our goal is to make your business grow, if you win, we win, this is our obsession.

Setting Us Apart: The Growth Ninja Difference

What makes us stand out is how we see the whole picture. We know that to really grow, you need a mix of good marketing, great design, and tech that does what it's supposed to. We start by really getting to know what your business is all about. Then we make a plan that ties everything together, focusing on what's going to make the biggest difference first. This way, we make sure every step we take is making your business stronger and ready to grow. With Growth Ninja Group, you get more than just an agency; you get a team that's all about making your business grow.

Meet Our Core
Growth Ninja Team

At Growth Ninja Group, we are not your typical marketing agency; we are your partners in growth. Each member of our team embodies the spirit and skills of legendary ninjas, bringing unique strengths and precision to our collective mission: propelling your business forward.


Hattori Hanzo
of Execution

Just like the famed samurai, he is unmatched in his execution skills. He leads projects with a blend of strategy and agility, ensuring that every campaign is executed flawlessly and every client goal is met with precision.


Ishikawa Goemon
of Developing

Our development guru, combines creativity with technological prowess to deliver innovative solutions. Like Goemon, he works with finesse and intelligence, developing digital experiences that engage and convert.


Fuma Kotaro
of Growth

With the stealth and strategy of Kotaro, he navigates the complex landscape of digital marketing. He is our growth maestro, using data-driven strategies to stealthily conquer market challenges and secure victories for our clients.


Hanzo Sasuke
of Design

Hanzo brings the artistic eye and creative spirit of Sasuke to our team. His designs are not just visually stunning; they are strategic, enhancing brand identity and user experience, and driving engagement.

ABM Marketing ABM Marketing
Brand Identity Brand Identity
Design Design
Development Development
ABM Marketing ABM Marketing
Brand identity Brand Identity
Design Design
Development Development

How We Work

Our process is a simple four-step journey: Discovering Your Vision, Crafting Your Roadmap, Implementing with Flexibility, and Delivering Excellence to transform your goals into reality.


Your Project: Discovering Your Vision

We begin by understanding your unique vision and goals. Whether you're seeking to amplify your marketing through Account-Based Marketing (ABM), elevate your brand with bespoke design, or revolutionize your operations with cutting-edge development, we dive deep into your project requirements to ensure our solutions are perfectly aligned with your objectives.

Proposal and Contract: Crafting Your Roadmap

Based on our initial discovery, we craft a tailored proposal that outlines a strategic roadmap for your project. This document includes detailed deliverables, timelines, and a transparent pricing structure. Once you feel confident with our plan, we formalize our partnership with a clear and concise contract, setting the stage for a successful collaboration.


Kickoff with Agile Model: Implementing with Flexibility

Our projects kick off within an agile framework, allowing us to adapt and evolve our strategies as we progress. This approach ensures that whether we're fine-tuning your ABM campaigns, iterating on your design, or adding functionality to your development project, we can seamlessly incorporate feedback and make real-time adjustments. Regular sprints and check-ins keep you fully informed and engaged throughout the process.

Sign-Off: Delivering Excellence

The final stage is the culmination of our collaborative efforts—your project is ready to launch. But before we cross the finish line, we conduct thorough reviews and testing to ensure everything meets our high standards and your expectations. Only after your final approval do we proceed with the launch, ensuring the end result not only meets but exceeds your vision. Post-launch, we're here to support and guide you, ready to address any further needs or future projects.

Transform Your Growth Strategy Today
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